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Rosaleen McDonagh, Writer


CROWNING GLORY - Rosaleen McDonagh, 1st Oct 2020

The global  interest on how identities are shaped,  formed and carried, is also part of the commodification of womens bodies and appearances. There is a focus on gendered identities which is often inculcated with a racialised and sexualised positioning of women. Hair has been curated as a form of seduction and sensuality. Long hair represents youth,  vitality and supposed  vibrancy. The hair industry is also part of the cog that is the machine of  the racist and sexist hierarchy.Wearing hair long is a tradition of resilience and representation ,  that resonates with many minority ethnic women including Traveller and Roma. ...Continue Reading.

HAIR & GRACE Rosaleen McDonagh, 6th Oct 2020


My mother a small women just under five foot. She took on the establishment. The row was over my hair. The establishment , the nuns who ran a special school for children with disabilities. Right through history many disabled people were understood as burdens. People to be cared for. People to be bossed around. People who were taught to have no agency. Short crew cut hair-cuts cut down on the workload for carers. Short hair was manageable, clean and took away any sense of individuality. The nuns had a great way of letting us know we were nothing special. Hair , long hair was considered a vanity , almost sin like.  ...Continue Reading.

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